CLV-2534 Compact Laser Vibrometer

Reliably overcome challenging testing and development tasks with the compact vibrometer class

Measure reliably with the compact vibrometer class

Polytec’s CLV-2534 Compact Laser Vibrometer consists of a controller in a 19” rack housing which is connected to the compact sensor head (protection class: IP64) via a fiber-optic cable. It is therefore ideal for industrial purposes. A wide range of options – such as an integrated video camera, an integrator for displacement measurements or a variety of microscope lenses – make the CLV-2534 the ideal tool for development and production applications in the automotive or electronics industry, for example. The down to 1.5 µm small spot allows you to perform measurements on small structures under direct visual control, so there’s no need for an extra microscope. As it has a high level of optical sensitivity, the compact laser vibrometer is perfectly suited to both challenging testing and development tasks in the laboratory and quality control operations in harsh industrial environments.

Choose your velocity resolution and frequency range

The CLV-2534-2 includes a velocity decoder with three measurement ranges for vibrational velocities of up to 10 m/s in the frequency range up to 3.2 MHz. All the controller settings are conveniently made using operating elements on the CLV-2534-2 front panel. The controller can also be remotely controlled via the RS-232 interface. An integrator module for displacement demodulation of up to 250 kHz is available as a further option.

You can use the CLV-2534-3 to measure vibrational velocities in the frequency range up to 350 kHz. Thanks to its digital demodulation, this vibrometer offers an excellent signal-to-noise ratio as well as high resolution and linearity.

The CLV-2534-4 enables vibrational velocity measurements in the frequency range up to 100 kHz. The limited frequency bandwidth means that this vibrometer model cuts an impressive figure as its noise behavior is even better than that of the CLV-2534-3 model.

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