Laser Doppler vibrometers

Polytec vibration sensors are laser Doppler vibrometers that have become the globally established gold standard for non-contact vibration analysis. The complete product portfolio offers solutions to any vibration measurement task in research, development, production testing and long-term monitoring. Whether single-point or differential measurement, determining rotational vibrations or in-plane motions, visualizing the dynamic behavior of microsystems or full-field structural vibrations: Polytec laser sensors provide a quick, non-contact and non-intrusive measurement solution.

Special-application vibrometers

If you’ve got special requirements, then you need special tools. No matter whether you’re carrying out measurement for ultrasonic applications in the very high frequency range, or need rotational vibrometers for rotating structures, or in-plane vibrometers for measuring vibrations perpendicular to the measurement beam – you’ll find the perfect solution at Polytec.

HSV-100 High Speed Vibrometer

The HSV-100 High Speed Vibrometer allows you to simultaneously measure displacements and vibrational velocities up to 40 m/s. To measure the valve train dynamics, the system can be expanded to include as many channels as you like and allows you to compensate for the test bench’s vibrations.

IPV-100 In-Plane Vibrometer

You can use the IPV-100 In-Plane Vibrometer to perform non-contact and non-invasive vibration and movement measurements perpendicular to the measurement axis (e.g. stroke movements of pistons, valve shafts and tools) or highly dynamic strain measurements.

RSV-150 Remote Sensing Vibrometer

The RSV-150 Remote Sensing Vibrometer performs high-precision measurements from a safe distance: Now you can use the RSV-150 Remote Sensing Vibrometer to quickly and easily measure vibrations and displacements on structures and machines. All you have to do is point, shoot and measure, and with sub-micrometer resolution, even at a distance of several hundred meters. Also suitable for drop and shock tests up to 24 m/s and frequencies up to the MHz range

RLV-5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer

The RLV-5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer measures the angular velocity and angular displacement of rotational vibrations on any shape of rotating structure. It precisely analyzes the rotational dynamics of drivetrains, gas turbines, electrical generators, printers and copiers, and thus enables you to develop products efficiently and quickly perform troubleshooting operations.