Powerful software for vibrometry

Data acquisition, visualization and evaluation form the very essence of Polytec’s high-tech vibration measurement tools. And for this very purpose, Polytec is offering you high-performance software packages for device control, data acquisition and data processing that enable users to represent their measuring results in an intuitive and animated way and to exchange data with external software for the purpose of experimental modal analysis or FEM calculation, for example.

Stress and strain measurement package

The package of Strain Processor in combination with a PSV-3D Scanning Vibrometers allow a non-contact, optical measuring alternative for dynamic stress and strain distribution and Finite Element model updates.


PolyWave - the scalable software package for comprehensive analysis of vibration test data offers a seamless post-processing, making your vibration analysis with Polytec laser Doppler vibrometers more efficient than ever.


The convenient way of sharing your scanning vibrometer measurement data with your colleagues and project partners. The file viewing software does not require a licence for the measurement software so that everyone involved is always provided with the latest data and evaluations.


Multi-channel, PC-based testing software for fully or partially automatic process monitoring and quality control. The diagnostics package includes both software and hardware for evaluating the various vibration sensors’ measurement signals to enable control of the test process, and communicating with the production control system.


The DLL software library enables external programs (such as Visual Basic, Matlab, LMS Test.Lab, VSI Rotate) that support the Microsoft® Standard Component Object Model (COM) to access information and data included in Polytec’s measurement files.


The data acquisition software for single-point and special-application vibrometers additionally controls all the vibrometer settings via the RS-232 or USB interface. Integrated signal enhancement, the optional function generator for arbitrary excitation signals and real-time video imaging of the test object under examination provide you with practical support in your daily work routine.

Polytec Update

Polytec Update is a software tool that provides your Polytec products with the latest software releases and hotfixes. Polytec Update therefore always keeps you posted when there are updates for your Polytec measurement or desktop software – to ensure reliable measurement results and smooth working with Polytec products.