Innovative measurement solutions for characterizing MEMS

Inspired by the rapid further development of microelectromechanical systems and MEMS, Polytec presents this highly innovative product line of microscope-based measurement systems for reliable validation of microsystems’ dynamics and topography. Determine transfer functions, and use unique all-in-one instruments for both the static and dynamic 3D characterization of microsystems, measure through Si encapsulations, and integrate your test-setup into (vacuum) probe stations.

MSA-600 Micro System Analyzer

The all-in-one optical measurement solution for static and dynamic 3D characterization of MEMS and microstructures. The MSA-600 advances development and QC processes - and integrated into commercially available probe stations it even allows testing on wafer-level.

MSA IRIS Measurement Service

This brand new, patented measurement technology allows for comprehensive and representative analysis of Si encapsulated MEMS, measuring dynamics right through silicon caps. Our PolyXperts are looking forward to receiving your capped MEMS samples for modal testing, feasibility studies and consulting throughout all phases from development over prototyping to manufacturing of your encapsulated microstructures.

MSA-100-3D Micro System Analyzer

The 3D Micro System Analyzer records vibration components in all three spatial directions at once. The optical measurement system enables high-resolution 3D vibration analysis with amplitude resolutions in the sub-picometer range, for both in-plane and out-of-plane vibration components.

MSA-050 Micro System Analyzer

You use the entry-level device for microscope vibrometry to record vibrations on small components and microsystems with a high degree of precision over the entire surface. The device works contactlessly and therefore measures the dynamics of even small samples in a completely undistorted way.