Laser Doppler vibrometers

Polytec vibration sensors are laser Doppler vibrometers that have become the globally established gold standard for non-contact vibration analysis. The complete product portfolio offers solutions to any vibration measurement task in research, development, production testing and long-term monitoring. Whether single-point or differential measurement, determining rotational vibrations or in-plane motions, visualizing the dynamic behavior of microsystems or full-field structural vibrations: Polytec laser sensors provide a quick, non-contact and non-intrusive measurement solution.

Measurement services

The range of measurement services offered by Polytec makes high-precision vibration analysies available to anyone by using our engineering services or system rentals. That way, you can use ultra-modern measuring technology and see, if you want to invest in your own equipment. We also offer our customers dedicated training sessions and application support services.

Brochure PolyXperts services

Engineering services and rentals

In addition to engineering services in various application areas, either onsite or in our laboratories, we can support you with our PolyXperts throughout the entire project. Let us even do your measurements for you, or let us help you for modal testing or operational vibration analysis. For comprehensive studies, you can rent our RoboVib Structural Test Station.

Seminars and training sessions

We are offering all users - from beginners to specialists - to refresh their knowledge and exchange ideas with our PolyXperts during trainings, seminars and user conferences.