Optical measurement in cable and wire production processes

Precise, reliable and non-destructive length and velocity measurement is of the utmost importance when it comes to efficient manufacturing and processing in the cable and wire industry. The slightest deviations can cause added material costs, which can quickly add up. That is why high-precision non-contact measuring processes are essential.

Polytec's laser surface velocimeters (LSVs) have been specially designed for high-precision velocity and length measurement. These LSVs provide you with reliable measurement data that you can easily integrate into your process control systems. Using an LSV means increasing precision and thereby increasing the quantity and quality of your output. Your advantages: Polytec's non-contact measuring technique works on almost all surfaces and rules out any possibility of damaging the measured product. From precision length measurement when winding cables right through to velocity measurement in coating processes for fiber optic cables – Polytec systems ensure that you obtain the perfect configuration for every application.

ProSpeed optical length and speed sensors support the manufacturing of cable and wire...

  • in wire drawing
  • in insulating and sheathing lines
  • in marking and printing processes
  • and many more applications.