Process Spectrometers

Polytec PSS spectrometers provide an ideal solution to your NIR process analytics problem. Based on a transmission grating design with diode array detectors, the devices ensure fast and precise data acquisition. Flexible combinations with fiber-coupled components allow for integration in various measurement scenarios according to the user’s requirements. Highly standardized components mean that no compromises have to be made with regard to precision and user friendliness.

Spectromètre NIR portable

Solution compacte pour une utilisation où vous le souhaitez lors de vos mesures agricoles et dans le domaine de l'alimentation animale. Mesurer et de contrôler divers paramètres allant de la qualité nutritionnelle du fourrage directement sur la culture à l’efficacité digestive de la ration directement sur le fèces.

NIR Spectrometers

Polytec PSS spectrometers provide the ideal solution to your NIR process analytics problems. Diode array detector technology combined with a transmission grating design means the devices can be used for fast and reliable data acquisition. 

Mobility Kit

The compact PSS Mobility Kit spectrometer system is ready to use at any time due to the fixed scan head with defined working distance, the rotating sample plate and the integrated reference.