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The hyperspectral imagers of the US manufacturer Headwall Photonics are digital camera systems that deliver both spatially and spectrally high-resolution images. They are ideal for your qualitative and quantitative assessment of test objects based on their specific spectral and geometric signatures. HSI systems provide you with innovative solutions in a wide range of application areas and are used in laboratories, field work or remote sensing - from small unmanned drones to satellites in orbit - as well as in industrial production environments for image processing and quality assurance.

Remote Sensing Systems

Remote Sensing covers a wide range of applications. From commercial satellites for geo-research to aircraft and low-flying UAVs (drones) used for precision farming. Many environmental insights have been gained thanks to the precision and performance of hyperspectral sensor solutions.

Headwall's hyperspectral sensors are designed specifically for this type of environment. They are robust and thermally protected. They are small and precise. And they are able to provide researchers with a large amount of precise and valuable spectral data that is collected in real time.

Laboratory systems

Hyperspectral sensor technology has a very broad field of application in the laboratory.
In medical diagnostics, for example, it is a high-resolution tool for imaging applications of tissues at the microscopic or cellular level. It is used for non-invasive diagnostic imaging, optical biopsy, tissue delineation and therapeutic analysis.

In the food industry, hyperspectral imaging is particularly useful for the evaluation and inspection of foods such as specialty crops, nuts and cereal products as well as meat products such as lamb, poultry and beef. The study of crops and their models is another area in which hyperspectral sensors play a key role.

In addition, hyperspectral imaging is also widely used in forensics and document verification.

Systems for field use

Spectral imaging for defense and surveillance applications is a function of high resolution (both spatial and spectral), high signal-to-noise ratio, low stray light and a large field of view. Headwall's hyperspectral imaging sensors have all four advantages thanks to their focus on diffractive optics.

Prozess systems

Spectral imaging sensors provide hundreds of closely spaced spectral bands to capture useful data during inline inspection. This is far beyond the capabilities of standard three-band (RGB) cameras. And it is one reason that the proportion of hyperspectral imagers on traditional machine vision solutions is continually increasing. One field of application among several is the evaluation and inspection of foods such as specialty crops, nuts and cereal products as well as meat products such as lamb, poultry and beef.

Wavelenght rangeHyperspectral systemSpectral range [nm]High EfficiencyFields of application


Hyperspec VNIR-SWIR400–2500 Laboratory, Inline, spectroscopy


Hyperspec UV-VIS250–500 Laboratory, spectroscopy


Hyperspec VNIR380–1000 Laboratory


Micro-Hyperspec VNIR400–1000 UAV, SWaP, field


High-Effiency Micro-Hyperspec VNIR400–1000xUAV, SWaP, field, spectroscopy


Nano-Hyperspec VNIR400–1000 UAV, SWaP, field


Hyperspec NIR400–2500 Laboratory


Micro-Hyperspec NIR900–1700 UAV, SWaP, field


Micro-Hyperspec extended VNIR900–1700 UAV, SWaP, field


High-Effiency Micro-Hyperspec900–1700xUAV, SWaP, field, spectroscopy


Hyperspec SWIR900–2500 Laboratory


High-Effiency Hyperspec SWIR900–2500xLaboratory, spectroscopy


Micro-Hyperspec SWIR900–2500 UAV, SWaP, field


High-Effiency Micro-Hyperspec SWIR900–2500xUAV, SWaP, field, spectroscopy


SR-7000 Hyperspectral Camera7800–12000 Laboratory, Inline, field

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