Achieve precise results using LBA and MBA systems

The birefringence of a material – in other words, the differences in the refractive index depending on the light’s polarization and direction of dispersion – can break down a light beam and two orthogonally polarized light beams.

Changes to the birefringence in glass, wafers or other optically transparent materials are indexed by means of mechanical tensions, material defects or external mechanical stresses. The Polytec LBA and MBA systems are used to display and analyze this birefringence.

Possible applications where birefringence analysis might be used:

  • Tension analysis of optical materials (glass, wafers, polymers, etc.)
  • Detection of local defects in wafers
  • Quality control in glass production
  • Component analysis in photolithography

Laboratory and Field Analysis System

Perform birefringence analyses with the LBA 7000 laboratory system

The LBA 7000 (low birefringe analyzer) was designed for the precise yet swift field analysis of birefringence in glass, plastics, semiconductor wafers and other transparent materials. You can therefore measure mechanical stress in a 2 m glass path in just 30 seconds with a measuring frequency of 80 Hz and sub-micro radian accuracy.

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Birefringence: MBA 710 In-Line System

Analyses that are Fit for Production

The MBA 710 (multi-channel birefringe analyzer) is the production-suitable variant of a swift and precise birefringence analysis. With up to eight detectors and up to 150 Hz of measuring speed, you check even large objects within a short space of time. The use of two symmetrical detectors makes the measurement insensitive to vibrations and thus enables you to perform reliable measurements in harsh production environments too.

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