Sinteron 2100 – an R&D Entry-Level System

Sintering silver, copper and other printed materials

The Sinteron S-2100 is a system for sintering silver, copper and other inks, curing thin-film substrates and treating surfaces in semiconductor and photovoltaic applications. The power supply units are housed in a 19″ rack. Power supply units and cooling form part of the system.

Pulse widths can be selected in the range between 100 and 2,000 microseconds. The pulse energy can be set between 27 and 2,000 joules/pulse.

The system can be varied with a multitude of lamps and thus adapted to the area to be processed. The optical effective area is, for instance, 19 × 305 mm for the 16″ linear lamp or around 140 mm in diameter for the spiral lamp.

Data Sheet S-2100

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