Suitable for special requirements

Bragg modulators from Intra Action Corp. are built based on various acousto-optically active materials for spectral areas of use, from UV to MIR.

Optically isotropic, specially selected flint and quartz glasses are used in this regard, as are tellurium dioxide, AMTIR and germanium crystals.

The modulators’ design is often optimized for short switching times, low transmission losses, a high diffraction efficiency or even large apertures.

While the first diffraction order is generally used for modulators to maintain as high a contrast as possible during intensity modulation, in the case of attenuators the zero diffraction order is used to stabilize the laser intensity or noise reduction at as high an intensity level as possible, for example.

TeO2-based modulators for extremely fast switching: ATMMod series

Quartz glass-based UV modulators: ASM series

Heavy flint special glass-based optically isotropic modulators: AOM and AFM series

AMTIR-based IR modulators / frequency shifters: ACM series

Ge-based MIR modulator: AGM 40 series

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