High-Precision Reflectometers (OBR)

High-Precision Localization of Reflection and Loss Results

Based on the OFDR principle, the high-precision reflectometers of the OBR series offer you the greatest spatial resolution achieved worldwide in a compact, portable unit. You can use the device to localize and measure reflection and loss results with maximum precision. As there are no dead zones, the measuring range starts right at the device plug-in connector. This makes the OBR ideal for accurate troubleshooting and fault analysis on plug-in connectors, components, cassettes and short-range networks of up to 2 km.

The systems in the OBR family allow you to illustrate all the parameters both spatially and as a function of wavelength. With an additional piece of software, you can also use the system as a sensor system for temperature (T) and strain (ε) (see Fiber-Optic Sensor Technology)

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