Strain measurement systems with defined spots along the fiber

Monitor length changes over long distances

This measuring technology is based on Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs). FBGs are created by means of the fiber being exposed to intense UV radiation at a certain position at a periodical pattern. Several FBGs can be written to a single fiber (typically 15 to 20) and can be read out simultaneously with a single system. This technology enables you to monitor changes along the glass fiber across long distances of up to several kilometers. Standard gratings are temperature-resistant up to approximately 100° C at a spatial resolution of about 1 cm.

Polytec makes fiber sensors depending on the interrogator (readout system) used and the application – fully in line with your individual requirements. In this regard, preassembled fiber optics cables usually achieve 1 % strain, while fibers bonded directly can – depending on their coating – be loaded up to 5 % beyond their original length.