NIR Display Devices

Making NIR sources visible for easier handling

The Polytec NIR display devices offer you a sharp, high-resolution and high-contrast display across the entire field-of-view.

The high-resolution NIR lens provided has a variable aperture for optimum light adaptation and can already be sharply focused from a distance of 10 cm away from the object to infinity. You can increase the contrast further using a filter thread. Numerous edge and interference filters are available for you to choose from for this purpose.

With the integrated C-mount lens thread, you are making an extremely flexible choice of lens. Focal length ranges of 8 to 135 mm are thus available to you, including a zoom lens.

The 7215D model series has an ergonomic handle and a tripod socket so that you have your hands free during adjustment work.

The NIR display devices come in two basic versions. The standard version is advisable for inserts up to a wavelength of roughly 1,320 nm, while the P version with specially selected tubes is recommended up to 1,550 nm.

You can also connect Si-CCD cameras to use the display devices for high image quality even in the NIR range.

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