DIC Camera Systems

Non-intrusive measurement of optical strain

Camera-based stereoscopic 3D form, stress and deformation measurement

The modular StrainMaster system consists of controller, software, camera(s), illumination and mechanics. Based on the digital image correlation method, it can be used for 2D or 3D applications. All process measurement steps, from hardware control, data processing, validation and display through to data export, are integrated in the system. The captured raw data remain intact and permit re-editing at any time.

Important parameters such as resolution, field-of-view, strain area and working distance are extremely variable and depend on the illumination, cameras and optics used. Strain in the micro-strain range can be measured using microscope optics as well as strain factors of several 100% or also extreme measurement rates using high-speed cameras.

Typical applications from industry and research include tensile, pressure and bending tests, material characterisation, impact and pressure wave analyses, crack detection, fluid-structure interaction, fatigue analysis and defect detection below the surface.

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