New system for areal sintering of printed electronics

Polytec, the specialist for UV sources, introduces the new pulsed S-2210 Xenon System from Xenon Corporation, the US manufacturer. In addition to sintering printed electronics, the system has been developed for semiconductor wafer treatment and annealing applications.

It is perfect for surfaces up to 150 x 150 mm and offers very high power density with an outstanding light uniformity of 3 %. The maximum pulse energy is 18 kJ/cm2, while the pulse duration range is between 100 and 5000 μs. 

The lamps are available with different spectral properties, such as ozone-free, UV-rich and UV-free variations. The high-energy, broadband spectrum of the quartz glass flash lamps ranges from a wavelength of 190 to approx. 1100 nm.

The system is operated using a touchscreen that permits a sequence with up to 40 individual pulses to be programmed. Several nano-inks and pastes can be processed on heat-sensitive substrates and photovoltaic films. It is also possible to save pulse profiles and unique pulse sequences.

The various types of lamp housings can be combined with other Xenon systems, so that there is no problem transferring the fully developed process to series production. The S-2210 can be extended by further modules if larger surfaces or greater throughputs are required.

Polytec is Xenon’s partner in Europe, and offers application advice, sales, training and service, as well as operating the European Xenon Sinter Test Centre in Waldbronn near Karlsruhe. 

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