Quantum Design is new Japan distributor for German NIR-spectrometers from Polytec

Quantum Design International, manufacturer and distributor of scientific instruments, has signed an agreement for the Japan distribution of process NIR spectroscopy products from Polytec, a German manufacturer of optical measurement instrumentation.

Preferred applications for the diode array spectrometers include measurement of the moisture, protein and fat content, analysis of the product yield and quality control in the agricultural, feed and food industries as well as the chemicals industry and plastics manufacturing.

The Polytec PSS systems are characterized by high sensitivity, short measuring times and a low proportion of stray light. It's spectral resolution is up to 3.2 nm. Different versions for spectral ranges between 850 and 2200 nm is available as well as comprehensive software for device control, data analysis, reporting and real time process control. The systems can be flexibly integrated and withstand rough ambient conditions. For multi-measurement-facilitation 2-9 channel multiplexing can be done.

QDJ will sell and support process NIR systems, accessories and services in Japan. With it's large technical and engineering team the company provides a comprehensive technical and application support.

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Zusammenarbeit zwischen Polytec und Quantum Design