New issue of our magazine InFocus now available

Almost all aspects of our daily, modern lives are affected by technology and technical products that depend on high-quality measurement data for their development, design, manufacture, and implementation. Our transportation, communication, healthcare, and agricultural systems must be reliable, economical, safe, environmentally sound (i.e., quiet), and effective. For more than 50 years, Polytec has provided innovative, non-contact sensor and measurement solutions that engineers use to push technology in all of these fields. In particular, Polytec is continuously innovating non-contact laser vibrometry, helping to advance all of its many applications from the smallest MEMS devices to automotive and aerospace designs, and the largest bridges and buildings.

In this exciting issue of InFocus, we present inspiring contributions that describe the impact of optical measurement data on the efficiency and safety of ground and air travel, on the thoughtful resolution of environmental issues in agriculture, on the improvement of high-tech tools for healthcare, and on the delivery of better forensic evidence in criminal investigations.

Finally, we showcase new solutions for your measurement tasks, ranging from the portable and battery-powered VibroGo for research and field studies using vibrometry to the MSA-600 X/U Micro System Analyzer for characterizing ultra-high frequency MEMS and micro-acoustic devices.

We are pushing the limits of our technology to inspire you and help find innovative solutions to your measurement applications. Contact us with all your questions. We look forward to providing the answers.