BVS-II Wotan stroboscope

Extremely Short-Duration, High-Intensity Light Pulses

The BVS-II Wotan stroboscope from Polytec creates high-contrast images without motion blur and fade our any effect of ambient light. The combination of the BVS-II Wotan with a ideal suitable light guide ensures perfect pictures of the illuminated object. 

The BVS-II Wotan is designed to adapt all light guides which are designed from Schott AG. But is is also possible to use light guides from other suppliers or for example the light guides from the KL Series from Schott Germany. Necessary adaptors are also available from Polytec. 

Maximum energy approx. 2.16 J electrical
Maximum frequency 200 Hz (internal triggering adjustable from 1 to 200 Hz)
Pulse-to-pulse stability typically < 2.5%
Spectrum approx. 300 nm to 1000 nm
lamp service life at maximum energy 108 flashes (70% residual intensity)
Interfacce RS232, trigger input
Brightness adjustment 0–5 V