Precise Lighting Control

“Monster Light” lights are made up of a lighting head and a controller that features a top hat rail adapter and can thus be easily assembled in switching cabinets. The light's power supply is 24 VDC. Switching input, either NPN or PNP enables switching (strobing) of the light with a voltage of between +5 and +24 VDC. Controllers with intensity adjustment via a potentiometer or an analog 0–10 V signal and Ethernet are also available as optional accessories.

Each light comes with an LDM (LED Driver Module) controller and a 4 m connecting cable as standard. Longer cables of 8, 15 or 30 m are available if required.

The following variants are available in addition to the standard LDM controller:

With ALDM (Analog LED Driver Module) controllers, you can adjust the brightness from 10–100% using 0–10 V DC.

On VLDM (Variable LED Driver Module) controllers, you adjust the brightness from 10–100% using a manual potentiometer.

RVLDM (Remote Variable LED Driver Module) controllers are based on an ALDM controller, which controls the brightness using a voltage of 0–10 V. In addition, the RVLDM controller has a voltage of 10 V, which is used through a voltage divider (potentiometer) to adjust the brightness via the 0–10 V input.

Monster Brain Controllers are Ethernet controllers for controlling LDM, ALDM, VLDM and RVLDM controllers. The individual controllers can be connected to one another using the top hat rail adapter. You can set the number of pulses, the pulse duration and the pulse delay, plus trigger up to 63 controllers.

Manuals and drawings (step, dxf, pdf) are available upon request.

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