Protective Filters


Protect Lenses from Impurities

Protective filters protect lenses from dirt, dust, harsh ambient conditions and so on. Usually, they block a portion of the UV spectrum, although those used in infrared applications block visible wavelengths too.

Protective filters from Polytec come in glass or acrylic.

Mount & Size Options:

  • Threaded mount sizes: M22.5 to M105
  • C / CS mount, slip mount for lenses without filter threads, step-up / step-down adapter
  • Custom shapes and sizes; mounted and unmounted versions available

Protective filters specifications

LP series: lens protection

AC series: Acryl-Longpass

Art. no. Description Transmission Filter curve
LP285 High Trans. Heat Resistant VIS-NIR A/R Protective Window 350-1100nm
LP330 Protective Window 350-1100nm
LP340 A/R Protective Window 350-800nm
LP390 UV Absorbing Protective Window 410-1100nm
LP415 UV Block A/R Protective Window 415-1100nm
Art. no. Description Transmission Filter curve
AB555 Acrylic Absorptive NIR/UV-Block Filter 470-645 nm
AC370 C/R Acrylic Protective Window 380-850 nm
AC380 A/R Acrylic Protective Window 450-850nm
AC685 Acrylic NIR Longpass Filter 710-1100nm
AC760 Acrylic NIR Longpass Filter 780-1100nm
AC800 Acrylic Near-IR Longpass Filter 815-1100 nm
AC850 Acrylic Near-IR Longpass Filter 880-1100 nm
AC900 Acrylic Near-IR Longpass Filter 930-1100 nm
AC915 Acrylic Near-IR Longpass Filter 1048-1650 nm