Dual Bandpass Filters

Dual bandpass filter for machine vision XyZ

Day/Night Imaging in Color Applications

A dual bandpass filter pass visible light and a specific portion of the visible (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) spectrums. They are ideal for color camera applications that utilize daytime sunlight and NIR illumination at night. These filters achieve accurate color rendition by blocking interfering wavelengths and eliminate the need for dual sensor imaging.

Mount & Size Options:

  • Threaded mount sizes: M22.5 to M82
  • C/CS mount, slip mount for lenses without filter threads, step-up/step-down adapter
  • Custom shapes and sizes; mounted and unmounted versions available

Dual-Bandpass filters specifications

DB-Series: Dual Bandpass Filters

Art. no. Description Transmission Filter curve
DB475/850 Dual Bandpass Blue + 850nm NIR 460-490nm, 830-870nm
DB660/850 Dual Bandpass Red + 850nm NIR 645-675nm, 830-870nm
DB735 Dual Bandpass Filter Visible + 735nm NIR 405-645nm, 725-755nm
DB850 Dual Bandpass Filter Visible + 850nm NIR 405-645nm, 835-875nm
DB940 Dual Bandpass Filter Visible + 940nm NIR 405-650nm, 925-965nm