Longpass Filters

Longpass filter for machine vision XyZ

Simply and Efficiently Improve Machine Vision

Longpass filters transmit longer visible and infrared wavelengths and block shorter ones. They thus improve both contrast and resolution and separate colors in black / white. They are mainly used in monochromatic applications.

These filters are also suitable for color applications and machine vision tasks when multiple wavelengths need to be blocked.

Mount & Size Options:

  • Threaded mount sizes: M25.5 to M105
  • C/CS mount, slip mount for lenses without filter threads, step-up/step-down adapter
  • Custom shapes and sizes; mounted and unmounted versions available

Longpass filters specifications

LP series: Longpass filters

Art. no. Description Transmission Filter curve
LP285 High Trans. Heat Resistant VIS-NIR A/R Protective Window 350-1100nm
LP330 Protective Window 350-1100nm
LP340 A/R Protective Window 350-800nm
LP390 UV Absorbing Protective Window 410-1100nm
LP415 UV Block A/R Protective Window 415-1100nm
LP470 Light Yellow Longpass Filter 480-1100nm
LP500 Yellow Longpass Filter 510-1100nm
LP515 Yellow-Orange Longpass Filter 520-1100nm
LP530 Orange Longpass Filter 545-1100nm
LP550 Orange Longpass Filter 560-1100nm
LP580 Red-Orange Longpass Filter 585-1100nm
LP590 Red Longpass Filter 605-1100nm
LP610 Red Longpass Filter 620-1100nm
LP630 Red Longpass Filter 645-1100nm
LP645 Dark Red Longpass Filter 650-1100nm
LP665 Dark Red Longpass Filter 680-1100nm
LP695 Near-IR Longpass Filter 715-1100nm
LP715 Near-IR Longpass Filter 730-1100nm
LP780 Near-IR Longpass Filter 800-1100nm
LP800 Near-IR Longpass Filter 820-1100nm
LP815 Near-IR Longpass Filter 825-1100nm
LP830 Near-IR Longpass Filter 845-1100nm
LP850 Near-IR Longpass Filter 870-1100nm
LP900 Near-IR Longpass Filter 910-1100 nm
LP920 Near-IR Longpass Filter 930-1100nm
LP1000 Near-IR Longpass Filter 1010-1500nm
LP1070 Near-IR Longpass Filter 1100-2100 nm
LP1475 Near-IR Longpass Filter 1500-2300 nm
LP1475A Near-IR Longpass Filter EXT VIS Block 1500-2300 nm
LP1850 Near-IR Longpass Filter 1900-12000 nm