Even and Bright Lighting

Ring lights are characterized by the fact that they illuminate objects in an almost uniform way. Shadows are reduced to a minimum, since the light is almost parallel to the camera.

In addition to the standard colors (red and white), the lights also come with blue, green, UV and IR light colors. RGB versions are available too. Each of the three color channels – red, green and blue – can be controlled separately, so more than one million different colors, including white, can be produced. 

One diffuser and one bracket are included in the scope of delivery. You can significantly increase the contrast and reduce reflections with optional polarizers / analyzers.

The SAX3 1044 ring light with lens thread can be affixed to different lenses.

Order numbers and dimensions

Art. no.

Outer diameterInner diameterWorking distance approx.Datasheet

SAX3 1044

44 mm29 mm25 mmPDF

SAX3 1078
RGB3 1078

78 mm34 mm50 mm

SAX3 1102
RGB3 1102

102 mm54 mm80 mm

SAX3 1132
RGB3 1132

132 mm84 mm100 mm

SAX3 1162
RGB3 1162

162 mm114 mm140 mm

SAX3 1202
RGB3 1202

202 mm155 mm180 mm

SAX3 1348
RGB3 1348

345 mm299 mm300 mm


Drawings (step, dxf, pdf) are available upon request.

Light colors

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