Back lights in More Than 150 Standard Sizes

Back lights are used to facilitate object examination in transmitted light. Camera images taken in transmitted light are characterized by their high level of contrast and are ideal for determining objects’ outer dimensions and contours. Back lights come in roughly 150 standard sizes with dimensions ranging from 51 x 84 mm to 207 x 516 mm. The modular structure also allows individual solutions according to your requirements. Images in transmitted light are usually recorded with monochrome cameras. Therefore back lights generally have red light. But other light colors such as white, IR, UV, blue and green are also possible upon request.

Front lights are used for direct object illumination. They are the simplest illumination for non-reflective or flat objects. Front lights come in the same dimensions and colors as back lights. You can use the back lights as front lights too, by using clear glass cover (C) instead of the diffuser, e.g. SAH7 0602C

Drawings (step, dxf, pdf) are available upon request.

Light colors

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