Shadow-Free Lighting for Reflective Objects

Diffuse light illumination is usually generated with a dome light. Dome lights are particularly suitable for illuminating reflective objects and avoiding shadows. They are used to illuminate transparent objects. The working distance is typically max. 30 mm, but they are also capable of handling working distances of up to 50 mm with large configurations. Select the dome size such that the distance between the outer edge of the object and the inner edge of the light is roughly 10 to 20 mm. Brackets are included in the scope of delivery (with the exception of SAX3 2044).

Dome lights come with outer diameters of 44 to 345 mm. In addition to the standard colors (red and white), we also offer blue, green, UV and IR light colors.

Order numbers and dimensions

Order number

Outer diameterInner diameterCamera holeHeightDatasheet

SAX3 2044

44 mm30 mm8 mm26 mmPDF

SAX3 2078
RGB3 2078

78 mm34 mm24 mm57 mm

SAX3 2102
RGB3 2102

102 mm54 mm30 mm69 mm

SAX3 2132
RGB3 2132

132 mm84 mm34 mm83 mm

SAX3 2162
RGB3 2162

162 mm114 mm50 mm100 mm

SAX3 2202
RGB3 2202

202 mm150 mm65 mm124 mm

SAX3 2348
RGB3 2348

345 mm299 mm100 mm190 mm


STEP files (3D CAD files) of all products are available on request.

Light colors

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