The Perfect Way of Highlighting Edges

Because the light is almost parallel to the object to be captured, the light is only reflected at the edges towards the camera. You can choose from a wide range of dark field ring lights with an inner diameter ranging from 15 to 246 mm. The size of the dark field light is determined by the size of the object and how far away (between 20 and 40 mm) it is from the lighting.

Order numbers and dimensions

Art. no.

Outer diameterInner diameterHeightDatasheet

PAD3 4025

25 mm15 mm9,5 mmPDF

SAX3 4072

72 mm42 mm13,5 mm

SAX3 4103

103 mm73 mm13,5 mm

SAX3 4166

166 mm136 mm13,5 mm

SAX3 4213

213 mm183 mm13,5 mm

SAX3 4276

276 mm246 mm13,5 mm


STEP files (3D CAD files) of all products are available on request.

Light colors

Replace "X" in order number by one character





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