Flexible Lighting Control

Continuous mode controllers automatically detect any connected LATAB LED lighting head and supply the necessary current. There are different versions available to meet practically all requirements. What sets these controllers apart from one another is their brightness adjustment features. The controllers on offer range from the single-channel controller with an integrated dimmer to the four-channel Ethernet controller. In addition to continuous mode, you can also operate all the controllers in switching mode.

The unique "long flash" feature gives the opportunity to increase the light intensity up to 200 % when trigger pulse is on.

Order numbers

Art. no.

IntensityOutputNo. of channelsLong flash optionManual

PAD2 1135/1

Internal potentiometer / 0 – 10 V1 A1yesPDF

PAD2 1135/3

Internal potentiometer / 0 – 10 V3 A1yesPDF

PAD2 2135/1

Internal potentiometer / 0 – 10 V1 A1yesPDF

PAD2 2135/3

Internal potentiometer / 0 – 10 V3 A1yesPDF

PAD2 1235/1

Internal potentiometer1 A / chan.2yesPDF

PAD2 1435/1

Internal potentiometer1 A / chan.4yesPDF

PAD2 1136/1

RS-2321 A1 PDF

PAD2 1136/3

RS-2323 A1 PDF

PAD2 1436/1

RS-2321 A4 PDF

PAD2 4136/1

Ethernet1 A1yesPDF

PAD2 4136/3

Ethernet3 A1yesPDF

PAD2 4236/1

Ethernet1 A2yesPDF

PAD2 4436/1

Ethernet1 A4yesPDF


General specifications



Supply voltage

24 VDC +/- 10%, max. 2,5

Power output

max. 1 A / 3 A

Light intensity

0 – 100% internal potentiometer

Trigger input

5 – 24 V, optically isolated

Operation temperature

0 – 65 °C

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