For Shadow- and Reflection-Free Applications

Coaxial lights are mainly used with highly reflective objects. The light is generated by a diffuse back light and directed at the object using a half-mirror so the lighting axis is exactly the same as the camera’s optical axis. This produces a shadow-free picture, while reflections are eliminated.

The working distance between the object and the light has to be as short as possible. Please ensure that the object is roughly 10 % smaller than the illuminated area. Coaxial lights come in dimensions of 25 x 25 mm to 145 x 145 mm. In addition to the standard colors (red and white), the lights also come with blue, green, UV and IR light colors.

Order numbers and dimensions

Art. no.LengthWidthHeightEffective light areaDatasheet

SAX9 2525
RGB9 2525

70 mm30,5 mm33 mm25 x 25 mmPDF

SAX9 5050
RGB9 5050

95 mm55,5 mm58 mm50 x 50 mm

SAX9 7575
RGB9 7575

120 mm80,5 mm84 mm75 x 75 mm

SAX9 0110
RGB9 0110

159 mm115 mm118 mm109 x 109 mm

SAX9 0145
RGB9 0145

190 mm150 mm153 mm145 x 145 mm


STEP files (3D CAD files) of all products are available on request.

Light colors

Replace "X" in order number by one character





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