Even Lighting for Large Areas

Spot lights based on high-brightness LEDs are used for both bright field and dark field applications and when you want to provide even illumination for large areas with a large working distance (approx. 300 mm to 6,000 mm).

MSP Series:

MSP “Monster Light” lights are made up of a lighting head and a controller that features a top hat rail adapter and can be easily assembled in switching cabinets. The light's power supply is 24 VDC. Switching input, either NPN or PNP enables switching (strobing) of the light with a voltage of between +5 and +24 VDC. Controllers with intensity adjustment via a potentiometer or an analog 0–10 V signal and Ethernet are also available as optional accessories.

MSP lights come in standard sizes of 32 to 140 mm.

The light colors are available in white, red, amber, cyan, green, blue, IR (850 nm, 940 nm) and UV (365 nm, 395 nm).

ECON Series:

In the ECON series, the controller is already integrated in the lighting head thanks to ultra-modern electronic components. The compact design not only minimizes the time and effort needed for wiring; it also saves on space and makes the installation process a great deal clearer. The ECON series comes in the following colors: red, white, green, blue, IR (850 nm, 940 nm) and UV (395 nm).


  • Higher light intensity compared with existing light variants
  • Switching mode, manual brightness adjustment and automatic / voltage-dependent dimming of 0 to 100 %
  • Auto Burst function: the LEDs’ light output is increased many times over for 500 µs
  • 24 V industry standard

X Series:

The spot lights in the X series have the same properties as those in the ECON series, but they are equipped with much brighter white and IR LEDs, providing very high output. The X series comes in white, neutral white, warm white and IR (850 nm).


The spot lights of the MSP, ECON and X series can be equipped with different lenses and diffusers so they are adapted to your special application. Variables here include different working distances and/or other filed of views.

Drawings (step, dxf, pdf) are available upon request.

MSP series Order numbers and dimensions

Art. no.

ø Light areaNumber of LEDsData Sheet


32 mm1PDF


83 mm6PDF


140 mm18PDF

ECON- and X series Order numbers and dimensions

Art. no. 

ø Light areaNumber of LEDsDatasheet


40 mm1PDF


40 mm1PDF

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