Ring Lights

Very Bright Lighting for Large Image Fields

High-brightness ring lights are characterized by outstanding intensity and are designed for large working distances (approx. 300 mm to 6,000 mm).

The ring lights can be equipped with different lenses and diffusers to suit your application – for example, different working distances and/or other field of views. The light colors available are white, red, amber, cyan, green, blue, IR (850 nm, 940 nm) and UV (365 nm, 395 nm).

The MRL “Monster Light” lights are made up of a lighting head and a controller that features a top hat rail adapter and can be easily assembled in switching cabinets. The light's power supply is 24 VDC. Switching input, either NPN or PNP enables switching (strobing) of the light with a voltage of between +5 and +24 VDC. Controllers with intensity adjustment via a potentiometer or an analog 0–10 V signal and Ethernet are also available as optional accessories.

Drawings (step, dxf, pdf) are available upon request.

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Art. no. Dimension Number of LEDs Data sheet
MRL2.5 60 mm x 60 mm 4 PDF
MRL3.5 ID: 38 mm, AD: 111 mm 6 PDF
MRL5.5 ID: 73 mm, AD: 171 mm 12 PDF
MRL8.5 ID: 184 mm, AD: 305 mm 10 PDF
MRL13.5 ID: 311 mm, AD: 429 mm 20 PDF
MRL19.5 ID: 467 mm, AD: 587 mm 30 PDF
MRL30.5 ID: 743 mm, AD: 864 mm 48 PDF

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