Dome Lights

Illuminating Reflective Objects and Avoiding Shadows

Diffuse incident light illumination is usually generated with a dome light. Dome lights are particularly suitable for illuminating reflective objects and avoiding shadows. They are used to illuminate transparent objects too.

You can configure the DL180 dome light from Polytec with up to four different channels / colors. You can choose between the following versions: a single color, two colors (e.g. white and blue), three colors (e.g. RGB) or four colors (e.g. RGBW or RGBUV). The DL180 can also be equipped with several channels of the same color (excluding IR) to generate a higher light output. DL180 with one channel consists of ten HB LEDs and one controller. Each channel has a separate controller with all connections provided by the single eight core cable supplied.

The remainder of the MDL “Monster Dome Light” series are made up of a lighting head and a controller that features a top hat rail adapter that can be easily assembled in switching cabinets. The light's power supply is 24 Vdc. Switching input, either NPN or PNP enables switching (strobing) of the light with a ground connection or a voltage of between +3 and +24 Vdc. Controllers with intensity adjustment via a potentiometer or an analog 0 -10v signal and Ethernet are also available as optional accessories.

The dome lights come in standard sizes of up to 743 mm and the light colors available are white, red, amber, cyan, green, blue, IR (850 nm, 940 nm) and UV (365 nm, 395 nm).

Drawings (step, dxf, pdf) are available upon request.

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Order numbers and dimensions
Art. no. Active illuminated area Number of LEDs Data sheet
MDL180 Ø 180 mm 10-40 PDF
MDL7.25 Ø 184 mm 10 PDF
MDL12.25 Ø 311 mm 20 PDF
MDL18.25 Ø 464 mm 30 PDF
MDL29.25 Ø 743 mm 48 PDF