Having Far More Light Available for Applications

Spectrum Illumination high-brightness LED lighting is used where conventional LED lighting is not intense enough. Standard LED lighting is usually suitable for working distances of up to 30 cm, beyond that a much higher level of brightness is required for the longer distances. This is precisely why a series of lights that is set apart from other solutions due to its mechanical dimensions and brightness (properties which make it independent of ambient lighting) has been developed based on high-performance LEDs.

Spectrum Illumination is a US based manufacturer of innovative LED lighting for machine vision applications and a long-term partner of Polytec. The “Monster Light” series of lights are made up of a lighting head and a controller that features a top hat rail adapter that can be easily assembled in switching cabinets. The light's power supply is 24 VDC. Switching input, either NPN or PNP enables switching (strobing) of the light with a voltage of between +5 and +24 VDC. Controllers with intensity adjustment via a potentiometer or an analog 0–10 V signal and Ethernet are also available as optional accessories.

A wide selection of lighting heads means you can choose the exact light that is most suitable for your application.  Every design is available in different sizes.

In addition to the standard colors (red and white), Spectrum Illumination “Monster Light” lights also come in amber, cyan, green, blue, IR (850 and 940 nm) and UV (365 and 395 nm).

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