Reliable Illumination for Applications with Cramped Conditions

For applications with cramped conditions, Polytec offers back lights with light fields with up to three edgeless sides in sizes of 2 x 2 mm up to 1,200 x 1,900 mm. The standard design height is 21 mm. Camera breakthroughs can be created optional.

Sled Technology:

  • Affordable LED technology with edge lighting
  • Continuous mode and switching mode
  • Very flexible configurations from 40 x 40 mm to 1,200 x 1,500 mm
  • Controller with pulse-width modulation (PWM), approx. 488 Hz;
  • Options: manually dimming via rotary knob, manual dimming controller for switching cabinet, 1-10 V, Opto-coupler, suitable for manual inspection stations or machine vision tasks where the PWM is not overwhelming
  • Colors: white, red, blue, green, amber, RGB
  • Options: i.e. polarization filter, light amplifier foil, clear diffuser, side screens

Xled Technology:

  • High-power edge lighting system
  • Continuous mode, switching mode and strobe mode
  • Internal micro-processor controlled
  • Impulse-pause-monitoring
  • Switching inputs for continuous and strobe mode
  • 1-10 V interface for intensity adjustment
  • Sizes from 20 x 60 mm to 1,200 x 1,500 mm
  • No external controller necessary
  • Colors: white, red
  • Options: i.e. polarization filter, light amplifier foil, clear diffuser

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