Back lighting of Objects and Transparent Materials

Diffuse back lights with LED technology are suitable for checking contours and dimensional tolerance and transmission of  objects. For back lighting the conveyor belt in assembly plants the illumination  is adjusted to the maximum light intensity  and the spatial conditions.  The back lights are designed with edge lighting. The LEDs are located in the unlighted housing. . The light is decoupled across the entire illuminated area in an even and streak-free manner with a special technology. 

The main benefit lies in the fact that the LED light is still homogeneous -  even after thousands of operating hours and that no dark spots appear in the measuring surface  when individual LED chips fail.

Polytec also offers  front lights with a camera breakthrough for shadow-free, diffuse lighting of the complete  object. You can use these products for matt and shiny objects as an alternative to ring lights. 

In addition to customized versions, Polytec also supplies standard back lights with the following properties:

  • Dimensions of up to 1,200 x 1,500 mm
  • Back lights with a low installation height

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