Extremely Short-Duration, High-Intensity Light Pulses

The BVS-II Wotan stroboscope from Polytec creates high-contrast images without motion blur and fade our any effect of ambient light. The combination of the BVS-II Wotan with a ideal suitable light guide ensures perfect pictures of the illuminated object.  

Providing the right light for every application

In machine vision, lighting is one of the most important elements involved in the reliable implementation of an application. The ideal lighting highlights key test object properties and makes irrelevant, interfering information “invisible”. External negative effects such as changes in ambient brightness levels and distorting shadows are eliminated.

LEDs are the preferred light source for many applications. They are characterized by an extremely long service life and therefore low maintenance requirements. Their wide variety of colors and extensive range of designs and sizes mean that LEDs have a very high level of variant diversity, which makes them your ideal lighting solution for almost every application. An LED light is usually made up of two components: a lighting head and a controller

Overview filter for machine vision

Improve and Simplify Machine Vision

There is a wide range of optical filters for industrial machine vision. Filters allow you to achieve amazing results, improve the visibility of specific details and often significantly simplify your machine vision task.

A bandpass filter coordinated to the light used, for example, allows you to almost completely filter out often overwhelming ambient light. Also, in normal applications, often invisible properties of objects are made visible using suitable filters.

Benefits of optical filters:

  • Suppress ambient light
  • Increase measuring accuracy
  • Increase contrast
  • Improve color rendering
  • Suppress overwhelming wavelength ranges

Polytec offers you a wide range of different filters for virtually every lens.

Overview Filters