OFV-5000 Xtra Laser Vibrometer - Xtra sensitivity and versatility

The Xtra optical sensitivity gathers high-fidelity data from all surfaces - even on dark, biological, rotating or moving sample objects.

The OFV-5000 Xtra Vibrometer Controller in combination with the new MLV-I-120 Sensor Head is designed to flexibly measure vibrational velocity, displacement and acceleration.

This non-contact approach solves challenging applications like NDT, biomedical, "long distance" displacement measurements, quasi-static displacement measurement and shaker control.

An alternative exchangeable fiber lens as an addon to the MLV-I-120 head enables a dual purpose use for small objects and facilitates overhead measurements. The compactness of this robust sensor with different lens options leads to a versatile use and an easy integration into test setups.

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