For surface quality inspections in production

Industrial production benefits from tightly integrating surface metrology into the manufacturing process. With such tight integration, the inspection feedback allows immediate and cost-efficient control responses. Polytec’s TopMap surface metrology systems are designed to monitor manufacturing processes, assuring that production tolerances and process capabilities are met.


  • Avoid false rejects in challenging production environments with the innovative ECT Environmental Compensation Technology
  • Time-saving motorized Tip-Tilt Unit for precise sample positioning
  • Simple one-click solutions avoid operator failures and save time
  • Achieve and monitor global quality standards
  • Protect measurements in rough production environments
  • Simplified loading of settings saves time
  • Ask for customized software to meet your individual needs

Reduce rejection rates – increase process capability

A whole new package of smart features for quality control tasks are now available for the TopMap 3D surface profiling systems - the TopMap QC Package supports surface inspections especially in challenging production environments. 

  • The QC Verifier avoids false rejects in challenging production environments by compensating for environmental disturbances that impact the precision measurement.
  • Time-saving motorized Tip-Tilt Unit for precise sample positioning
  • The QC Software Customization provides for application-specific adaptations in software and easy integration of inline measurements.
  • The QC Operator Interface offers simple one-click solutions at production level thanks to pre-defined measurement recipes.
  • The QC Setting Comparator helps achieve global standardization with simplified monitoring of measurement settings and fast diagnostics. 
  • The QC Protection Housing provides significant resistance to rough production environments.
  • The QC Barcode Scanner simplifies loading the right settings and avoids operator failures.

TopMap optical surface metrology using ECT Environmental Compensation Technology

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