TopMap QC Package

Accessories and upgrade options for surface quality inspections in production environments

For surface quality inspections in production

Industrial production benefits from tightly integrating surface metrology into the manufacturing process. With such tight integration, the inspection feedback allows immediate and cost-efficient control responses. Polytec’s TopMap surface metrology systems are designed to monitor manufacturing processes, assuring that production tolerances and process capabilities are met.

Reduce rejection rates – increase process capability

A whole new package of smart features for quality control tasks are now available for the TopMap 3D surface profiling systems - the TopMap QC Package supports surface inspections especially in challenging production environments. 

  • The QC Verifier avoids false rejects in challenging production environments by compensating for environmental disturbances that impact the precision measurement.
  • The QC Software Customization provides for application-specific adaptations in software and easy integration of inline measurements.
  • The QC Operator Interface offers simple one-click solutions at production level thanks to pre-defined measurement recipes.
  • The QC Setting Comparator helps achieve global standardization with simplified monitoring of measurement settings and fast diagnostics. 
  • The QC Protection Housing provides significant resistance to rough production environments.
  • The QC Barcode Scanner simplifies loading the right settings and avoids operator failures.

TopMap optical surface metrology using ECT Environmental Compensation Technology

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Operator Interface


Polytec 软件升级

Polytec 升级是一款为Polytec 产品提供最新的软件版本和补丁程序的软件工具。当您的桌面软件有升级时,Polytec 升级将始终为客户提供最新软件版本消息,确保测量结果的可靠性以及客户在产品使用过程中所体会到的便利性。

Der Oberflächenprofi TMS-500 TopMap Pro.Surf erfasst auch große Strukturen ohne Stitching

TopMap Pro.Surf

快速和精确地表征 3D 表面的理想选择。面积测量确保没有忽略任何细节。TopMap Pro.Surf 的特点是测量时间短、视野大。