The scalable post-processing software suite for comprehensive analysis of vibration test data

Post-processing software suite

PolyWave has only one focus: your data. Any data set content is already analyzed while loading and PolyWave offers the corresponding post-processing modules. This feature alone helps give an inexperienced or first-time user the confidence of an expert and the skills to exclude poor data that can adversely affect subsequent work. It is reassuring that by immediately post-processing data, the user will know that all settings, including excitation values and run-up times, were chosen correctly the first time.

Advancing the analysis of vibration test data

The seamless post-processing with PolyWave makes your studies with Polytec laser Doppler vibrometers more efficient than ever (especially for scannnig vibrometers like PSV or MSA). PolyWave is comprised of four application specific modules:

  • EMA PRO for experimental modal analysis
  • OMA for operational modal analysis which adds to EMA PRO
  • ORDER PRO for order analysis
  • REPORT PRO for automated test report generation (enhances all modules)



Polytec MSA-100-3D Micro System Analyzer



PSV-500 Scanning Vibrometer



PSV-500-3D Scanning Vibrometer von Polytec

PSV-500-3D 三维扫描式激光测振仪

在产品开发中,3D 扫描式激光测振仪能可靠、精确地完成振动测量任务。3D系统输出的振型和本征模式,有助于解决从 NVH、声学和结构动力学到超声波分析、FEM验证和无损测试的一切问题。