PolyCare and Up2date

“We at Polytec believe that customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with the ultimate measurement experience, outstanding customer service and well trained users who are able to use their equipment to its fullest extent. With this in mind we have created two new programs PolyCare and Up2date. Please read more in this brochure and our website or call one of our solution specialists.”  Michael Frech, President


What is PolyCare® and what are its benefits?
Optical systems such as Laser Vibrometers and White Light Interferometers should be maintained, cleaned and calibrated on a regular basis. For your convenience we can also offer an on-site service when your Polytec system is due, which means almost no downtime, eliminating the need to ship your equipment to one of our service centers. Your system will be automatically included in PolyCare® after your System Maintenance & Calibration.

PolyCare® offers two major benefits: First, you will receive all necessary repairs* at no cost for 2 years ensuring that your system is working properly and second, your system will qualify for our software update program Up2date.

What is Up2date?

Up2date is a new program for all users of systems that run Polytec software. As long as the system is covered by PolyCare® it qualifies for Up2date and can receive Polytec software at no charge.

This requires only 2 simple steps on your side:

Step 1: System is covered under PolyCare® or Maintained and Calibrated.
Step 2: Attend one of our qualified trainings every other year.


PolyCare® comes with many benefits:

PolyCare® & PolyCare® Plus
As long as we maintain and calibrate your system on a regular basis* there is no need to allocate additional budget for most unforeseen repairs* because you are automatically covered by our PolyCare® program. Sign up for PolyCare® Plus and we will extend that coverage to also include parts associated with wear & tear.

Every system under PolyCare® or PolyCare® Plus qualifies for Up2date after you have attended one of our qualified trainings. With this, you will receive the latest Polytec Software, as long as your Data Management System (DMS) fulfills the current system requirements*. As a part of the Up2date, a special DMS replacement package is available.

Polytec Certified
As long as the system is under PolyCare® and PolyCare® Plus it is considered “Polytec Certified” and when the time comes, you will qualify for a higher trade-in value.

*Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for details.