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To maintain the critical accuracy of your LDV, regular calibration and verification can be performed by certified Polytec Engineer’s either at our facility or onsite at yours.  This ensures that your system is operating in an optimal fashion maintaining the ultra low noise floor that only Polytec lasers can achieve.  While calibrating your system we also clean the optics to allow light transmissibility, adjust any laser alignment to optimize the signal, and measure the output of the laser tube to give complete confidence in all your critical measurements.

A complete calibration and check-up of an LDV System includes:

  1. Cleaning of internal components to eliminate dirt and dust build up which degrade the laser signal
  2. Verify over a range of frequencies and amplitudes with DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) technology that the electronic outputs are in conformance with their specifications.
  3. Cleaning of optics to keep a concise beam.  The beam always looks good to your eyes, but our equipment can determine if everything is in perfect operation
  4. Any necessary alignments and tuning of the optics.
  5. An assessment of the integrity of the output of the laser tube.
  6. Final verification on a calibrated shaker
  7. A certificate of calibration and compliance


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“We have been doing on-sites here at Seagate, Colorado, for many years. I find that on-site Calibration gives me the chance to talk to the Polytec personnel about other issues that have come up in the last year, during testing. This has been very helpful. The number 1 reason for doing on-site calibration, here at Seagate, is the fact that there is no risk to equipment damage during shipping and handling. Another plus is the fact the unit can be back in services in the matter of hours instead of days or weeks. It has been very helpful for me to have the face time with the tech. Have learned so much more by having them on site.” Mike Spahn, Sr Engineer Support/ Engineering Specialist at Seagate Technology

“The on-site calibration is a real benefit to us.  We have over 20 systems so it is impossible to schedule a time for each one to be sent back for calibration. With the on-site service we can minimize our downtime and have our lasers calibrated in one visit.  The team that comes to perform the calibrations is always professional and highly proficient.” Patrick Templeton, Senior Mechanical Test Engineer at Philips Healthcare

“Due to the nature of our business, we have several lasers spread throughout the U.S. The costs we would incur to try to schedule employees to travel to sites to pack, ship, and then receive back lasers upon completion of service and/or calibration, would be very prohibitive and relatively inconvenient for the employee and our customers. The service Polytec provides to perform on-site calibrations, where and when applicable, has been extremely beneficial to our planning, travel expenses, shipping costs, and the overall wear and tear of the LDV laser itself.” Kurt Hanson, Materials Manager at Envoy Medical

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