VibSoft Data Acquisition Software

VibSoft Data Acquisition Software
  • Dedicated to laser vibrometers
  • Wide choice of bandwidth up to 40 MHz
  • Analog and digital version
  • Turn-key systems

VibSoft Data Acquisition Features:

  • Control of all vibrometer settings via RS-232 interface; all settings stored with the data files – ideal for test-stand installations and extensive test series (with most models)
  • Integrated signal enhancement provides the best laser vibrometer performance
  • Integrated function generator (option) including user-defined excitation waveforms–tight control and synchronization
  • Provides live video images of the test object and laser beam position (optional)*for easy measurement point definition and documentation
  • Acquires time and FFT response signatures for arbitrary drive voltages
  • Averages the input signal in the time domain
  • Differentiates and integrates in time and frequency domain
  • Calculates FFT with up to 12,800 lines of resolution; optional zoom FFT and extended FFT resolution up to 819,200 lines available
  • IEPE (ICP) support for third-party sensors (with most models)


* requires VIB-S-Video option, sensor head equipped with internal video camera and PC with video input