VIB-A-T05 Tripod with Geared Pan/Tilt Head

VIB-A-T05 Tripod

The VIB-A-T05 is an advanced tripod with enhanced alignment precision and manageability. Features include quick-set coarse adjustment and geared fine-adjustment control (6.5° per rotation of handle) as well as built-in bubble levels for each axis.

Tripods provide an adaptable base for your measurement set-up, ensuring a stable mounting of the sensor head. The quick-release mechanism allows the swift exchange of components, for maximum flexibility and ease of use. All tripods can be combined with positioning stages, so even precision adjustments can be made quickly and easily.


telescopic two-section legs / geared center column

Height range

Approx. 0.62 m – 1.89 m

Max. load capacity

7.5 kg

Angle of rotation

360 °

Lateral tilt

-30 ° / +90 °

Front tilt

-30 ° / +90 °

Mechanical interface

quick-release plate Manfrotto MA410 with 1/4"-20 UNC bolt