OFV-2570 High-Frequency Vibrometer Controller

OFV-2570 High-frequency Vibrometer Controller

The OFV-2570 High-Frequency Vibrometer Controller is a compact and non-contact sensor for high-frequency vibration measurements in ultrasonic transducer development, ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT), measurement of high -frequency dynamics of MEMS, and wave propagation research.

The OFV-2570 High-Frequency Vibrometer Controller incorporates a dual-range velocity decoder with up to 10 MHz bandwidth and a single-range displacement decoder with up to 24 MHz bandwidth. Both decoders can be operated simultaneously with separate outputs and enable measurement of vibration velocities up to 3 m/s (peak) and displacements up to 75 nm. The instrument includes an LED display for the control settings, signal level display and an RS-232 interface for external communication and programming user-defined settings. Robust enough for an industrial environment and precise enough for the measurement lab,the OFV-2570 satisfies applications where accurate measurements of high-frequency vibration response, phase, linearity and amplitude are needed.