PSV-500 Compact Scanning Vibrometer

PSV-500-NB Scanning Vibrometer

Optical Non-contact Vibration Mapping and Analysis

The PSV-500 Compact Scanning Vibrometer is full field vibration measurement in its most compact form. The supplied portable high end workstation controls the basic functions consisting of an integrated data acquisition system for vibrometer and reference channel, the signal generator* and optional geometry scan unit via the digital VibroLink interface. VibroLink is a simple GBit Ethernet connection that avoids tedious setup procedures and allows the user to independently control his PSV system form up to 100 m away. 
The Compact Scanning Vibrometer is available with 100 kHz bandwidth, including a signal generator and comprehensive package of software features.

  • Non-contact – measure the true vibration of your structure
  • Full-field – don’t miss any important details – high spatial resolution over mm2 to m2 areas with a 50° x 40° scan angle
  • Compact - Scanning Head with rigid tripod, Front-End and Notebook 
  • Versatile – tailored solutions for NVH, acoustics plus and structural dynamics plus a wide range of accessories and software options
  • Open-minded – PSV software provides open data interfaces and control interfaces for automation and for tailored solutions in science and development