PSV-400 Scanning Vibrometer

PSV-400 Scanning Vibrometer

Non-contact Vibration Measurement, Vizualization and Analysis

The PSV-400 Vibrometer is a cutting edge measurement tool for non-contact measurement, visualization and analysis of structural vibrations. It determines the operational deflection shapes and Eigen modes as easily as taking a photograph. Entire surfaces can be scanned and probed automatically using flexible and interactive measurement grids. Measurements can be made over a wide frequency bandwidth. The PSV-400 offers technical excellence with powerful software for dynamic measurement, analysis and real-time chromatic display of data. Designed for resolving noise and vibration issues in R&D and manufacturing, the system is versatile and easy to use.

  • Easy and intuitive operation and rapid, non-contact vibration measurement
  • Digital data decoding available (depending on system configuration)
  • Mountable Geometry Scan Unit (optional) allows acquisition of geometry data
  • Measuring on imported or directly acquired object geometries or on interactively created scan grids
  • Focus position of each sample point can be individually set
  • MIMO (Principal Component Analysis)
  • Open software platform with standardized programming and data interfaces for perfect integration in the development workflow
  • Polytec Signal Processor as an integrated tool used in presentation mode
  • Fully upgradeable to the PSV-400-3D Scanning Vibrometer



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