PSV-400-M4-S Scanning Vibrometer High-Speed Ultrasonic

PSV-A-T18 vertical test stand PSV-400
PSV-A-T18 vertical test stand with hard disk drive

Non-contact Vibration Measurement, Vizualization and Analysis

The PSV-400-M4-S Vibrometer is designed as a measurement tool for non-contact measurement, visualization and analysis of ultrsonic actuators. It determines the operational deflection shapes and eigenmodes as easily as taking a photograph. Entire surfaces can be scanned and probed automatically using flexible and interactive measurement grids. Measurements can be made over a wide frequency bandwidth up to 1 MHz. The PSV-400-M4-S offers technical excellence with powerful software for dynamic measurement, analysis and real-time chromatic display of data. It is a valuable tool for the designer of medical and industrial ultrasonic actuators, helping to validate Finite Element Models and create an efficient and safe design.

  • Easy and intuitive operation and rapid, non-contact vibration measurement
  • Grid definition by Finite Element Model geometry import
  • Easy manual grid definition with the interactive drawing tools
  • High dynamic range: can cope with high velocities of ultrasonic actuators
  • Optional close-up unit and test stand for precise measurements on miniature samples for medical use
  • Laser spot size in the micrometer range for safe measurements on delicate structures
  • Open software platform with standardized programming and data interfaces for perfect integration in the development workflow
  • Export filters to modal analysis software
  • Export for animated deflection shapes and data visualization
  • Fully upgradeable to a 3D Scanning Vibrometer