PSV-400-3D Scanning Vibrometer

PSV-400-3D Scanning Vibrometer

Acquire and Analyze Vibrations in Three Dimensions

Three-dimensional scanning laser vibrometry is a unique tool for test and simulation engineers to quickly and accurately determine operational deflection shapes and eigenmodes of complex objects across a wide range of frequencies. Measurement data are reliable if they reflect the actual vibration characteristics of the real object. This is precisely what the non-contact method guarantees. With its advanced technology and high-performance measurement, analysis and presentation software, the PSV-400-3D allows you to easily investigate solutions to complex structural dynamic issues in research and development.

  • Short set-up time
  • Fast, precise, non-contact three-dimensional measuring technique
  • Complete acquisition of the optically accessible three-dimensional vibration vectors
  • Use of either a predefined (after importing geometry data) or interactively created scan mesh
  • Simultaneous measurement using three linear independently oriented sensor heads
  • High spatial resolution
  • Simple calibration of the sensor head`s position in the moving object’s coordinate system
  • Intuitive presentation of the measurement results in 3-D animation
  • Clear separation of the out-of-plane and in-plane components in 3-D-animation
  • Export of data in UFF and other formats for processing in modal analysis systems


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