TMS Software

TMS Software

Easy to handle data acquisition and analysis software for Polytec's Topography Measurement Systems as well as the MSA-500 with Topography Option. The software package includes all the necessary commands for instrument operation, data acquisition, analysis and presentation. Outstanding 2-D and 3-D data representation can be enhanced with profile cuts and filter algorithms.

Surface Parameters now Conform to ISO Standard 25178

With version 3.2 TMS Software, Polytec’s optical 3-D profilometers for measuring and analyzing surface data now provide the following new features and advantages.

  • Application-specific add-ins can now be designed so that they are even more user-friendly thanks to new access options on the user interface.
  • The processing of large-area measurement data records that are compiled from several individual measurements (stitched) now takes place more efficiently.
  • Control of the TMS program has been made even easier through optimization of the GUI (fewer clicks).
  • Filters can be configured to be applied automatically after the measurement.
  • A high depth-of-focus background image can now be calculated from the measurement data.
  • The reporting options have been expanded with customer, load and partspecific information.
  • If desired, the exposure time can now be automatically set by the system.
  • Other features include: geometric evaluation options for sphere matching; and determinations of step heights and layer thicknesses have been expanded.
  • Surface parameters conform to ISO standard 25178.


New Version of TMS Report Software

In the latest version of Polytec’s TMS software, powerful additional analysis features are available for measuring and analyzing surface measurement data, through the optional packages TMS Report, TMS Report+ and TMS Report Premium. Here Polytec draws upon the proven software technology of its partner, Digital Surf. Likewise, a special programming package is available for analysis of the linear measurement data from the new Polytec TopSens Point Sensors in the form of a TMS Report Profile.